Kaliq H. Rashad’s commitment to excellence is unsurpassed! He’s dedicated to molding his mind, body and spirit, plus those of others – especially by engaging youth. Born Kevin A. Mathis in Kingston, NY, Kaliq has matured into a deeply introspective gentleman and a profoundly spiritual being. Kaliq is always evolving. He’s sought after by locals, tourists, celebs, friends and fam, because he’s dubbed (and rightfully so) The Barber Extraordinaire in Hawaii. Quoting Kaliq as pertaining to his craft: “It’s never a Me thing, it’s always a We thing.”


He is an accomplished Tonsorial Artist, a Master in this trade; and, of the arts – in many formats: graffiti, caricatures, still life, portraiture, photography, poetry, spoken word, rap, dance, and a self-published author of 12 books – some of which are available at this very web site. Nationally, and internationally, in videos, on stage, television, radio, and in the clubs, his performance has been one of excellence! Kaliq has amassed quite a following in the few years he’s resided in Hawaii. His astounding cuts and personable character has afforded him media attention from journalists near and afar. Such as, coverage in the Honolulu Star Advertiser, and editorials in Hi Luxury, Flux Hawaii, and HanaHou! The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines. Kaliq works at Hi Design Barber & Lounge located downtown in Honolulu, catering to all in an elegant setting of comfort, hospitality, professionalism, and service.


As President of Rashad Enterprize, Kaliq ensures top quality service, professionalism, with priceless experiences for every client, pursuing excellence while continuing to be innovative in the barber industry.


In the amazingly talented community of Queens, NY, directly on the borderline of Saint Albans and Jamaica, also affectionately known as “Southside”, Kaliq answers to Ka Born…and he is a star.Throughout his youth he’d been a winner of many poetry, rap, and dance contests; and had performed on television’s The Joe Franklin Show. In his teens and young adulthood Ka toured nationally, as a R&B/Hip Hop dancer; opened abroad, in Japan and headlined in Sweden; and stateside in New York – exclusively featured (with his brother) in music videos/tours/concerts with MCA recording artist Guy; and, again with Guy on TV’s Showtime at The Apollo, The Arsenio Hall Show, and Soul Train. He was interviewed on radio’s WNYE 91.5FM, dubbed as “The Community’s Choice for Smooth R&B and Hip Hop Hits”- hosted by Barry Mason and Friends. Kaliq received rave reviews for the station’s largest audience response/participation to date! He’s a recipient of The Editor’s Choice Award, for outstanding achievement in poetry.

Ka’s first self-published book is The Rhythm of Art and Poetry, then, Eye Speak With Visual Poetry, which consists of photography, original poetry, and prose as does the first. Next, Hairoglyphics (The Art of Barbering) and then book four: A Tribute to Love, book five: Golden Confluence, book six: Revolver, book seven: Portrait Of A New Man, book eight: PiKasso Artistrih, book nine: Paradise Hereafter, and book 10: Think Thrice. His most recent tomes are 3 more books entitled: Opus One, Traveling Through and The Universal Truth. As a tonsorial artist and master barber Kaliq is able to be an honorable, public servant…while being a creative entrepreneur, as well – treating his clientele, with DIGNITY, HUMILITY, RESPECT – and, one of the best damned haircuts and/or shaving experiences they’ll ever get! If you’ve a passion for this trade, Ka offers valuable training through his “Art of Barbering Workshops”. Not only is he all of the above, but all of the above is incorporated into Rashad Enterprize…and is opened for business!

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