Eye Speak With Visual Poetry


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Product Description

Eye Speak With Visual Poetry is Kaliq Rashad’s second book of photography with original poetry and prose. His first, “The Rhythm Of Art And Poetry” includes original artwork, too. 
Welcome to “The Kaliq Experience” where your visual and spiritual senses may be elevated.

~Through merging harmony with the power of words, poetry is my way of expressing the experience of life in the past, future and present tenses. When imagination is combined with the pencil or paintbrush…as an artist ”Eye” am able to unite with the unique force of creativity. With “The Eye” and camera lens, the ability to capture those decisive moments inside this magnificent journey called life, are afforded me. Gratitude is always given to the Creator for using my humble vessel as an aqueduct. 
Be thoughtful, be uplifted, be inspired.~
Kaliq H. Rashad, 
July 12, 2009